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Top 5 Dankest Things to do While Stoned in Nevada

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Top 5 Dankest Things to do While Stoned in Nevada

No trip to Las Vegas, Sin City, is truly epic without a little bit of cannabis. Nevada’s rules for marijuana use may be tricky, but there’s still plenty to do while stoned in the state.

Dank is going across America and finding the best tourist spots for travelers who love adventure as much as they love weed. In Nevada, anyone over 21 years of age is permitted to purchase weed; however, marijuana can only be consumed on private property in the state, meaning that it can be difficult for tourists to find places to smoke. Here’s a closer look at the cannabis tourism industry of Nevada:

Tours & Activities


Brews & Buds Tour (Las Vegas)

This tour takes guests to a dispensary and a brewery, showcasing the wonderful behind-the-scenes world of our beers and buds. Sample craft beer while you learn about the brewing process and purchase some marijuana after learning about its history.


Canna-Yoga (Reno)

The Canna-Yoga classes offered by The Painted Yogi combines meditation, Vinyasa style yoga, and a love for cannabis. A free gift of herb is provided to participants of the class. You’ll have no trouble finding zen as you relax and rejuvenate right on the Truckee River.


Sin City Cannabis Tours (Las Vegas)

For the ultimate stoned Las Vegas experience, the Sin City Cannabis Tours offers luxury limos and party buses to drive partygoers around the strip and Fremont Street. While you currently cannot smoke on the transport, legislators are working hard to change that.


Herbology 101 Tour (Las Vegas)

This tour offers a fun and educational experience where guests will learn about the history, uses, and preparation of marijuana. Visit dispensaries, a marijuana lab, and a cannabis kitchen all while being driven around Las Vegas and sightseeing on the strip.


Mynt (Reno)

Mynt was the first cannabis dispensary in Reno, and is filled with loyal customers and surrounded by gorgeous views. Visit Mynt to learn about the different marijuana strains and to buy some bud for yourself. While you’re at Mynt, relax and enjoy Trukee River and the RiverWalk hiking trail.



Since Nevada’s laws restrict marijuana usage to private property, there are currently no hotels or retreats that allow guests to consume cannabis. These laws are expected to change soon though, and several marijuana lounges and hotels are in the works. For now, your best bet for lodging with your weed is to find a private, 420 friendly rental from sites like AirBnb.


Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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