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Five Must-Have Marijuana Moments in Massachusetts

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Five Must-Have Marijuana Moments in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a fantastic travel destination if you’re a fan of American history, lobster rolls, or marijuana. Check out these cannabis infused activities and dank places to stay.

Dank is going across America and finding the best tourist spots for travelers who love adventure as much as they love weed. Here’s a closer look at the cannabis tourism industry of Massachusetts:


Tours & Activities


The Summit Lounge (Worcester)

The Summit Lounge is a private cannabis club that offers a relaxing environment to socialize and smoke. While they don’t actually sell marijuana here, you’re encouraged to bring your own weed and beer. The fun never stops with events like crafting, painting, and baking.


Puff, Pass & Paint (Boston)

This art class offers a judgment-free zone to create paintings with the help of an instructor and any marijuana products you bring. Smoking or enjoying edibles during this class is encouraged, so you can get stoned, messy, and creative!




Steep Acres (Williamstown)

This romantic bed & breakfast prides itself on being a prime destination for cannabis lovers. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast, private hiking trails, and breathtaking views of Vermont’s Green Mountains and the Berkshire Hills.


42o Suites (Boston)

When you book a room with 420 Suites, you also get a goodie bag of hemp products, eye drops, CBD gummies, and other stoner favorites. Unfortunately, guests are not allowed to smoke inside due to Massachusetts laws, but edibles are perfectly fine to consume. Expert staff on site can help and educate guests on edibles, marijuana strains, or other cannabis products.


Budtender’s Smoke Shack (Amherst)

At first glance, this simple, rustic camper may not seem like much; however, when you stay here you also will receive complimentary cannabis and personalized budtender services. Enhance your camping experience by requesting your favorite strain.


Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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