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Five Legendary Alaskan Excursions for Cannabis Tourists

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Five Legendary Alaskan Excursions for Cannabis Tourists

Alaska is a breathtakingly beautiful travel destination that seems even more amazing when you’re high as a kite. Check out these truly epic stoner activities and cannabis retreats from up north.

Dank is going across America and finding the best tourist spots for travelers who love adventure as much as they love weed. Here’s a closer look at the cannabis tourism industry of Alaska:


Tours & Activities


Alaska Cannabis Culture & Medicine (Juneau)

This unique tour will give you a behind the scenes look at Alaska’s marijuana industry that is sure to interest any cannabis lover. Guests will learn how to blow glass, visit a cannabis speakeasy, and dabble in making hash.


Juneau Cannabis Tours (Juneau)

Enhance your Juneau sightseeing experience with a buzz on this tour of historic downtown, leading to two dispensaries and a grow operation. Guests will learn about different cannabis strains and the history of marijuana in Alaska.




Historic Prospector Tent Cabin (Fairbanks)

Get an incredible, authentic Alaskan experience by staying in a Victorian Alaskan tent surrounded by 41 racing sled dogs. Even when it gets to below 30 degrees outside, the inside of the tent stays warm and is heated by a fireplace 24 hours a day. Learn dog mushing from your host, pick local berries, experience the northern lights, or just relax with a joint and take in the gorgeous Alaska Range Mountains.


Blue Dreams Suite (Anchorage)

This comfy and cozy guest suite, named after a cannabis strain, is 42o friendly and conveniently located near the airport and Anchorage’s historic downtown. Hiking trails, restaurants, and nightlife are all walking distance, so you can always be stoned and never have to worry about driving.


Chronic Luxury Cannabis Retreat (Anchorage)

The best way to get really high in Alaska is by staying in a cannabis friendly treehouse. Rustic but luxurious, you can’t beat the views of the Anchorage’s wilderness you can get from your elevated abode.




Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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