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Recreational Marijuana Legalized in Michigan

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Recreational Marijuana Legalized in Michigan

Recreational marijuana has been officially legalized in Michigan! It’s time to rejoice and get high in the Great Lake State!

It’s official! Michigan has finally decided to legalize recreational marijuana, making it the first state in the Midwest to be totally 420 friendly. Proposal 1, making marijuana use legal for any adult, has passed by a comfortable margin. Medical marijuana has been legalized in Michigan since 2008, but now anyone over 21 can enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

The biggest disappointment of this legalization effort is that unfortunately, people convicted of marijuana crimes will not be exonerated. Other states that have ruled in favor of legalization have also taken steps to clear convictions. Progress may be coming soon though, as the new governor of Michigan, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, has considered pardoning or expungement for some offenders.


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What this legalization means:


Any adult over the age of 21 will be able to purchase, possess, and use marijuana and cannabis products as well as own up to 12 marijuana plants. The commercial sale of marijuana will be permitted and licenses will be issued to growers, transporters, and retailers. Taxes on cannabis products will be applied to schools, road, and municipalities.


So I can smoke whenever?


Not quite. Public consumption will still not be allowed, and of course, driving while under the influence is both dangerous and illegal. Employers will still be allowed to test for marijuana use and can discriminate based on this. Landlords have the authority to forbid marijuana use or growth on their properties.


Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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