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The Dankest Video Games to Play While You’re High


The Dankest Video Games to Play While You’re High

Smoking weed and playing video games go hand-in-hand. Getting lifted with the right strain can elevate your gaming experience, and even boost your skills. The best gaming doesn’t always come from the most well-known titles, like Call of Duty or Madden. In the niches of this industry are artful creations that break expectations and lead to unique gaming moments that you really should be high for!

Below are some of the best video games to play while you’re high and the dankest strains to smoke while you game.

Mario Party (2018) — Nintendo Consoles

The only thing more fun than smoking with a group of friends is playing Mario Party while you do it! The first Mario Party game was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1998, and the formula for the fan-favorite game has stayed the same ever since. Characters explore a fantastical board game, trying to collect coins, stars, and mini-game victories along the way.

There are 11 total installments in the Mario Party series that can be played on a wide range of Nintendo consoles. This high-energy game is guaranteed to get the party going! Smoking a sativa before starting this game will enhance the experience, and maybe even improve your mini-game skills.

Dank Recommends: Strawberry Banana, Candyland, Gelato, and Blue Dream

Katamari Damacy (2004) — PS2-PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, PC

Katamari Damacy is a truly bizarre game that shares elements with puzzle and racing games, but is still something else entirely. This game is about rolling up all the physical objects on earth so that the King of Cosmos can turn them into stars. This is more exciting and satisfying than you could imagine! The distinctly Japanese creation is filled with touching moments, hilarious dialogue, and beautiful animation.

Katamari Damacy Marijuana

Katamari Damacy is enjoyable with friends, but requires uncommon dedication to become skilled. The actual game mechanics can be difficult to learn, and even harder to master. There are several installments in the Katamari series, but the best releases are We Love Katamari (PS2), Katamari Re-Roll (Switch), Katamari Forever (PS3), Katamari Damacy (PS2), and Beautiful Katamari (Xbox 360). The game is incredibly goofy and you should enjoy it with an energetic, creative high.

Dank Recommends: Forbidden Fruit, Dutch Hawaiian, Maui Wowie


Layers of Fear (2016) — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac

Layers of Fear weaves psychological horror and drunken storytelling into a nightmarish 5-7 hour tip-toe through an old, victorian-era mansion. The game quickly escalates from phantom floor creeks into more disturbing, psychedelic content.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is more of a single-player movie than a traditional gaming experience. Are you going to play huddled up and scared half to death with another person, or do you dare to go the journey alone?  You can play this game over and over and receive alternate endings depending on your choices.

This game tells a glorious and unholy ghost story that burns down on top of you, with plenty of jump-scares thrown into the mix. It’s sensational and best enjoyed through the smoke of multiple bong rips. The right indica will heighten sensitivity to the game’s atmospheric elements without fogging the brain up. Layers of Fear will receive a welcome sequel later in 2019.

Dank Recommends: Mango, Ghost OG, Northern Lights


Rocket League (2015) — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac

Rocket League is a unique game that mixes soccer fun with automotive action. This award-winning game is nonstop fun for all ages, regardless of if you play in single-player mode or as a big group. If you’re interested in sports, racing, or energetic party games, Rocket League is the perfect choice for you.

Rocket League is an especially fun game to play when you’ve just smoked a nice hybrid or sativa. Since this game is so competitive, playing in an e-sports tournament or as part of the Stoned Gamer League could be a blast!

Dank Recommends: Cotton Candy Kush, Laughing Buddha, Animal Cookies, and Zkittles

Supraland (2019) — PC

Supraland is an amusing and adventurous puzzle/shooter experience akin to old PC and Nintendo classics. This bright, colorful world is the creation of a single digital-artist, David Münnich. Supraland is a great game for beginners and experienced players alike.


Supraland is primarily a puzzle game, but also has fun elements of platform gaming and first person shooting. This game has a playful vibe that is reminiscent of the carefree, childlike fun featured in the Toy Story movies. You’ll definitely want to smoke an indica or a relaxing hybrid before jumping into this wild world.

Dank Recommends: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Purple, Berry White

Endless Space 2 (2017) — PC

Endless Space 2 is a turn-based, sci-fi game where you’re encouraged to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. This game will have you feel the rushing excitement of discovering ancient alien technology and anxiety when an unknown enemy fleet suddenly orbits your home planet. Be prepared for hours of gameplay floating through colors, data, and space battles — all set to an epic atmospheric soundtrack.

Endless Space marijuana

There is nothing quite like navigating the surprises that emerge in a strategy game like Endless Space 2. Design your civilization, maintain your complex empire, and conquer the whole galaxy. You can’t help but get lost in Endless Space 2, especially after lifting off with an indica buzz.

Dank Recommends: Space Queen, Wedding Cake, Alien OG


Enjoy the Game!

Video games are a uniquely immersive form of media that’s fun for the whole party or for when you’re alone in front of a glaring screen. Cannabis enhances the gaming experience and can even make you play better. When you’re looking for games to play while high, explore this list or revisit one of your old favorites. Stay lifted and have fun!

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