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Stoned Gamer League: Mixing Marijuana with E-Sports

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Stoned Gamer League: Mixing Marijuana with E-Sports

The Stoned Gamer League, founded by Zeus Tipado, mixes cannabis with competitive gaming in a fun, structured, and inclusive way. Anyone is allowed to play with the league, either online or in-person at the Stoned Gamer Arena in Downtown Los Angeles, as long as they are high while playing. That’s the only eligibility requirement — you don’t even have to be good at games if you don’t mind losing!


Mitch Viquez – LA Weekly


Gamers who play at the Stoned Gamer Arena must first visit the ‘altitude booth’ for some bong rips or dab hits. People who choose to play online can video themselves smoking and submit their ‘proof of elevation’ to league officials. Either way, being stoned is a vitally important aspect of the league. As stated by founder Zeus, “We’re not trying to get the best stoner or the best gamer, we’re trying to locate the best stoned gamer.”


Mitch Viquez – LA Weekly


When the league was first formed in Southern California in 2014, recreational marijuana use was still illegal. For this reason, the league was originally very small and hidden from the public eye. Today, now that cannabis is recreationally legal in California, the league has been growing and expanding faster than ever. Zeus plans to open a new arena space in East Los Angeles by February 2019.


Is the Stoned Gamer League an Official E-Sports Team?


The Stoned Gamer League is not an official e-sports team, and for a very good reason. Marijuana use is not allowed in the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and drug testing mandatory for tournament players. Why? Because cannabis can actually make you a better gamer and is considered a performance enhancing drug.


So while the Stoned Gamer League is not an official e-sports team, it does offer stoners the unique experience of playing in a tournament like setting while feeling lifted. If you live in Southern California and love video games and weed, stop by one of their gaming centers – for everyone else, let’s light up and play online!



Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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