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Markle Sparkle: A Strain Fit for Royalty


Markle Sparkle: A Strain Fit for Royalty

Marijuana and British royalty have crossed paths in an exciting and unexpected way. A cannabis strained named Markle Sparkle honors Meghan Markle and gets you royally faded.

Meghan Markle of British royalty is now a name within the cannabis industry. Markle’s nephew, Tyler Dooley, developed a cannabis strain in honor of his royal aunt and her marriage to Prince Henry. Dooley, a licensed medical marijuana grower in Grants Pass, Oregon, has named the strain Markle Sparkle. 

Markle Sparkle Description

Markle Sparkle is a high-yielding, potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain. This plant will thrive the most when grown outdoors in the Pacific Northwest during summer months. Dooley says that this strain takes seven to nine weeks to grow and flower.

Strain Review: Markle Sparkle from Leafbuyer on Vimeo.

Being a sativa-dominant strain, Markle Sparkle will leave those that consume it feeling happy, uplifted, and energetic. Those that smoke it can expect feelings of euphoria and relieved stress. The negatives of this strain include sleepiness and hunger — particularly if you have too much. However, for medical patients dealing with insomnia or a lack of appetite, these effects could be seen as benefits.

Batches of Markle Sparkle have tested at a whopping 23% THC and less than 2% CBD. That’s some potent weed! The terpene profile is enticing as well. Markle Sparkle is described as having a very sweet, silky taste with hints of fresh blueberry and an aftertaste of diesel. Dooley hopes to sell Markle Sparkle at dispensaries for around $280 an ounce.

How Is It, Your Highness?

“I can’t reveal too much at this point,” Dooley told, “but what I can say is it smells like blueberries and it’s made up of three different strains: Blue City Diesel, Blueberry Northern Lights and a third secret strain, which you’ll find out!”


In an interview with the The Sun, Dooley said that the strain is “unique and classy like my aunt.” He even went so far as to offer his royal aunt and her husband Prince Harry a “free sample any time.”

Royally Grown

The Markle Sparkle strain is just one of the products created by Dooley. With the help of his business partner/mother Tracy “Mama D” Dooley, the two manage their company, Royally Grown. Royally Grown has plans to sell Markle Sparkle-infused edibles, tinctures, oils, makeup, jewelry, bath products, and an organic hemp clothing line.


Royally Grown has partnered with the Denver-based online dispensary and cannabis database site “We’re thrilled Tyler chose Leafbuyer to help launch his new ‘royal’ strain,” stated Kurt Rossner, CEO of Leafbuyer Technologies Inc. “Our job, as the premier cannabis deals, news, education, and product website in the country, is to help consumers find Markle Sparkle once it’s available for purchase at local dispensaries.”

When Can We Try?

There unfortunately hasn’t been much news about the strain since its release. There’s also no sign that it ever made its debut at High Times’ Cannabis Cup. While information exists about the strain, there doesn’t appear to be any dispensaries carrying it or anywhere selling it online. Until further news, we can only dream about smoking royal weed.


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