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Keeping up with the Kardashians & the CBD Craze

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Keeping up with the Kardashians & the CBD Craze

Kim Kardashian hosted a CBD-themed party to calm everyone’s nerves and welcome her fourth child into the world. Celebrities sure love CBD — and we love them advocating for cannabis use.

To celebrate the upcoming birth of her fourth child, Kim Kardashian hosted a CBD-themed party. A myriad of all-star guests attended, including Paris Hilton, Larsa Pippen, Jen Atkin, and Chrissy Teigen. Kardashian is expecting a baby boy via surrogate.

The reality TV star decided to make the party CBD-themed to combat the recent stress and anxiety she’s been facing. “So, because I’m freaking out and the baby is coming in, like, two weeks, I thought what better way to celebrate than to have a little CBD,” Kim told the party guests. “I thought it was kind of ridiculous to have a fourth baby shower. But I thought I’m freaking the fuck out having a fourth kid. So everyone have a puff and put on some oil.”

Each visitor was sent home with top-notch gifts like baby blue Yeezy slides, expensive designer sunglasses, and their own handmade jars of CBD-infused bath salts. Other CBD products available to guests included items from Mr. Moxey’s, Pure Ratios, Wildflower, and Green Labs. They also received CBD body oils and flower arrangements made with cannabis sugar leaves.

Celebs Love CBD

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis community and amongst a growing number of celebrities. Stars like Kristen Bell and Emma Roberts, along with fashion designer and TV personality Whitney Port, all swear by CBD products and their many benefits.

Bell, for example, started using CBD-infused cream to deal with back pain, and has been an advocate ever since. “A few months ago, my back started hurting for some unbeknownst reason . . . I was complaining about my back and [my friend] ran to her purse and pulled out this CBD cream,” Bell told The Strategist, “I put it on my back and honestly, five minutes after I did, I already felt 85 percent better. I am completely sold.”

Other celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, Olivia Wilde, Busy Phillips, and Gwyneth Paltrow are all vocal about their CBD use for pain management and reducing stress and anxiety.

The Importance of Star Power

While it might not seem like a major deal whether or not celebrities are down with CBD, it really is important that they speak out. Celebrities are important and valuable advocates. Studies have well documented the effect that celebrity influencers can have on public opinion. When popular celebrities vocally advocate for cannabis use and legalization, the negative stigma surrounding it lessens. People trust and respect the opinions of their favorite celebs.

Public opinion on CBD is clearly shifting in the right direction. Even the federal government has started loosening their incredibly prohibitive anti-cannabis laws with the latest Farm Bill legalizing CBD derived from hemp.

More and more people are showing interest in the CBD craze, but there’s still work to be done before cannabis is fully legalized across the country. With the help of our celebrity advocates, hopefully legalization occurs sooner rather than later.


Joe Evans is a freelance writer, editor, journalist with over 4,000 published articles under his byline all over the web. He enjoys covering politics and culture. When he's not playing with his three dogs and spending time with family, he's probably watching sports.


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