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Carl’s Jr. Releases Cannabis-Infused CBD Burger on 4/20

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Carl’s Jr. Releases Cannabis-Infused CBD Burger on 4/20

Burgers mixed with cannabis? It’s like Carl’s Jr. has read our collective stoner minds and answered our 4/20 prayers. This delicious CBD creation is making fast-food history!

Fast-food burger chain Carl’s Jr. plans on celebrating 4/20 this year by releasing the first ever CDB-infused cheeseburger. The burger, called the Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight, has two beef patties topped with pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapeños, french fries and a CBD-infused Santa Fe Sauce to give it that extra kick.

This burger is a 4/20 exclusive, available only at a single location in Denver, Colorado. Carl’s Jr. will be keeping a close eye on the sales figures to gauge the public’s interest in future CBD-infused foods and drinks.

Does this burger get you high?

Those looking to get a buzz off of this sandwich will have to look for other options. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that is primarily used to alleviate stress, anxiety, aches, and pains. The fast-food company has confirmed that the CBD oil used in the burger would be hemp-derived from Bluebird Botanicals. CBD oil derived from hemp plants rather than marijuana plants is incapable of containing even trace amounts of THC. With no THC, it will be impossible for this special 4/20 burger to actually get you high.

When will it be at other locations?

If the CBD burger sells well during the test launch, other locations may soon offer the item on their menu as well. Carl’s Jr.’s senior vice president of brand marketing, Patty Trevino, believes that there’s a real possibility more American markets will begin offering infused menu options. “If you were to ask me [about CBD and legal weed] when I was at Burger King back in the mid-2000s, I would have been like, no way,” Trevino continued. “But today, this is a huge trend with consumers.”

Trevino notes that Carl’s Jr. prominence on the West Coast gives them a distinct advantage over other brands when it comes to introducing cannabis into their product line. This area of the country has legalized recreational marijuana and a relaxed attitude towards cannabis culture. “If anyone is going to do it, I would want Carl’s Jr. to do it,” Trevino said.

Other brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are both considering dipping into the CBD-infusion market as well. Experts estimate that this market could skyrocket to be worth about $16 billion by 2025. It’s not surprising that more brands are looking to get involved in this trend. The cannabis industry is flourishing, with jobs being created and revenues reaching all time highs.

The Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight will be sold at a Carl’s Jr. location located on 4050 Colorado Blvd. in Denver, Colorado starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning. Get one while you can!


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